SteemPress to auto publish your post to steemit

Have you ever thought of writing an article in your website and auto-post it to your steemit account in ?

Is it possible? there are almost unlimited possibilities with wordpress and its plugin. Introducing the SteemPress plugin which will automatically publish your post to your steemit account in

Below are simple instructions on how to install this SteemPress plugin.
1) Login to the admin panel of your wordpress website
2) Click on the Plugin menu at the sidebar, Then click “add New” on top
3) Do a search on “steempress” in the search box.
4) Locate the plugin called “SteemPress. It has a Yellow logo
5) Click on the “Install Now” text box
6) Once it is installed, locate it in the “Plugin ” menu
7) click on the setting text
8) Provide the pertinent information about your steemit accounts such as steemit name, Private Posting Key and Tag to use
9) Click “Save changes” box
10) Run a post to test the functionality of this Steempress
### Note:
1. The above procedure work on self-hosted WordPress
2. These procedures are not applicable to free WordPress installed in as a sub-domain
3. Please leave a comment if you see any error with the procedure
4. If you see this post in, that means it has successfully installed and it is functioned well