Past Career

Dr. Foong has nearly 40 years of working experience in various industries including Tin Mining, Palm Oil Mill, Semiconductor, Computer Peripherals, Air Conditioning; and in various capacities including Senior Manager in QPP, QA/QC Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Production and Control Manager, and Facilities Engineer.

Prior to setting up his own consulting firm, he was engaged in the Hong Leong Group for 15 years where he undertook various manufacturing and consultative roles in its Quality and Productivity Programs. His key role was to facilitate the development of a Continuous Improvement Capability among Managers and Executives within the Hong Leong Group of Companies.

Over his 9 years engagement as a senior manager in the Hong Leong Group, Dr. Foong successfully supervised and facilitated more than 100 small and big improvement projects resulting in cost savings ranging from a couple of hundred ringgits to RM1.8 mil for a single project.

The projects include Customer Complaints; Material Reduction; Inventory Reduction; Quality Improvement; Double-up Capacity; Process Improvement, etc. for the Manufacturing Industries like air condition assembly, cement board waste reduction, concrete waste control, glaze usage reduction, ceramic tiles quality improvement, plastic film waste control, motorcycle spare part stock control, electricity consumption reduction, fibreboard board waste control, furniture assembly process, newsprint waste reduction, customer profiling, insurance policy processing and Bank loan disbursement processing.

Dr. Foong has trained several hundreds of managers, executives and workers in various Process Improvement related training programs. He set up KIS Consulting (00192323-P) in Oct-2009. It is a business management consulting company specialized in the area of Analyzing and Improving Profitability for Small and Medium Businesses. Its services includes conducting application workshops for Business & Strategic Planning, Cost Reduction Programs; System & Process Enhancement; Quality & Productivity Improvement; Development of Continuous Improvement Culture and Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing has been the forefront in Marketing Strategies. Mobile Internet, target at smart phone users, is yet to be explored market segment which is fast catching up speed but its vast market segment is growing. You can view how a mobile internet look like with this link with your PC or simply type in ” ” with your smart phone browser.

Please click KIS profile presentation slides to view online. Or download a copy of the pdf document.

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