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Hello Steemians,

My name is Dr. L M Foong-Phd majoring in Total Quality Management. I have retired from employment in 2009 as a head of department in a local conglomerate. My key role was to be a change agent for the operating companies owned by them.

I am now a management consultant and a freelancer in Digital Marketing related field such as Internet Marketing, Mobile Apps without coding, design and develop WordPress Website for small business and community websites..


On needs basis, I do run consultation in cost management specifically in the areas of quality and productivity improvement. I have conducted more than 100 small and medium size of improvement projects in a wide spectrum of industries leading to customer satisfaction and great savings in the business. The industries I was involved include semiconductor, fibre board processing, cemboard manufacturing, air conditioner assembly, banking, insurance just to name a few.


With the prior working experience, I took up volunteered mentoring
program for young entrepreneurs in digital marketing as their start-up business. I provides pertinent strategies for mentees to learn and
execute so that their business model can be realized in an agreeable


Currently, I am actively involved in enhancing my knowledge and
involvement in mobile apps related business in terms of training, build mobile apps and providing ideas to build apps. I am investing my time mainly in mobile app industry as I see it the future will go mobile. In the early 2012 when mobile app started to get popular in this region, many people have jump into the band wagon and started to take mobile apps as an investment as well as a business.. In those years, mobile application focus around games but it has migrated to real time mobile application to enhance customer satisfaction and market needs. Such example include uber and other e-riding apps, whatsapp and wechat to name a few. Major player in the digital world have also had their own mobile version such as facebook, google adsense etc


In August 2016, I took up Zhineng Qigong learning for good
health. Later I have learned the advanced skill to use Zhineng Qigong as a self healing process. I order to understand the philosophy of qigong, I have attended special qigong bootcamp conducted by China Laoshi. With better understanding of the concept of qigong, I could feel some changes to the effect during my practices. Some of the pictures taken during bootcamps



As a way to contribute to the community, I have volunteered to design and developed a website for a Zhineng Qigong Academy in Malaysia. My key role now is to act as an administrator to maintain the website as well as upload daily zhineng qigong lessons from wechat messenger to the website via