Our Vision

Vision Statement

“Sharing my application knowledge in Total Quality Management to the world”

How I came to this Vision Statement?
I was a Total Quality Management practitioner for a corporate office for 9 years before I retired in November 2009. During my tenure of employment as a Internal Consultant as well as a Facilitator, my key role was to dissimulate my Total Quality Management (TQM) knowledge to 40,000 employees in this conglomerate who owns several listed companies and some of them are located in other part of the world like US, England, China, Indonesia, India. But I never get a chance to share my TQM knowledge to so many employees due to logistic issues.
Practicing TQM has been in my blood stream for many years as such, I took up my Doctorate in Philosophy majoring in TQM. But then it is not possible for me to share my TQM knowledge with so many employees spread around the world with the resource I had. During my terms of studies in my PhD, I wrote short articles about TQM and learnt a little about Article Marketing. I realized that I could use the power of Article Marketing to fulfill my Vision.

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