Guidelines for Techno Hunt 技术寻宝指南

Objective (目标):

To apply digital knowledge and skills in a fun team environment



1)  Strategy: 策略  (自编, 自导 , 自演)

1.1)  Capture all your activities into video and picture.


1.2)  Compile the video and pictures into a documentary video clip for total 15 minutes play time



2)  Guidelines for documentary video clip: 纪录片短片的指南

2.1)  Introduction of team leader and members  简介团队的领导者和成员


3)  Things to prepare:- 活动准备

3.1)  Elect a team leader  选择一个团队的领导者

3.2)  Divide your group into 3 small teams consisting of 2 persons minimum


3.3)  Understand all the tasks needed   了解所有需要完成的的任务

3.4)  Bring a smart phone for each team  每队带智能手机

3.5)  Make sure your smart phone is accessible to internet


3.6)  Make sure you have account with Weibo, weixin and viber

确保您拥有微博,微信,viber 的帐户

3.7)  Team leader to send your weibo, weixin and viber account names to the control centre ( to be announced by 25th Oct 2012 )

团队领导者发送您的微博,微信 和 viber账户名到 控制中心(2012年10月25日将公布)


3.8)  Make sure your smartphone can access to
websites like and

请确保您的智能手机可以上http://kisconsulting.org 的网站

3.9)  Make sure your smart phone is fully charged or bring along a spare battery


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