Contributions to Management Application Case Studies

There is no other better way to share ones knowledge than to publish his knowledge in the form of literature, case studies or articles. And to reach out to as many people as possible, publishing them into the Internet is perhaps one of the most effective ways in the shortest time.

Dr. Foong has contributed his management and industrial knowledge  to the society particularly to post graduate students and management researchers in several formed. He has set up and developed several knowledge based websites and blogs to achieve this objectives. Below are a list of them:-

1)  Total Quality Management

This website was set up in year 2001, his first DIY website about some knowledge in Total Quality Management. In this website, he shared his views on driving Total Quality towards a world class corporation. He also shared the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria.

2) Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

This special website focus on a typical application of the Malcolm Baldrige National Award. It is about the quality journey taken by a local conglomerates in pursuit of a world class business excellence award.

3)  SWOT Analysis

This is a very comprehensive website specialized in the the major tool of a Strategic Planning Process, namely: The SWOT Analysis. In this website, Dr. Foong has shared a very comprehensive application aspect of the SWOT Analysis and its templates. He also given several case studies how the SWOT Analysis was applied in various environment and industries.

4) SWOT Analysis Example

This website was build in an attempt to provide better understanding how a SWOT Analysis is applied in the business environment. while more examples are being build over time, you may find some that is interesting and may reflect similar industry with yours.

5)  Marketing Planning

Being on of the major company of a world class company, this website has disclosed some of the major aspect of a Marketing Planning well as how they are incorporated into your Marketing Strategy.

6) Management Style

Business are management by people. There are several aspect of styles if an individual. This website provides application examples of how the most common management styles are being practices in a real world. In include short case studies of Management Styles for Autocratic, democratic, Participative and Laissez Faire

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