SteemPress for Steemit Blog – Cool Enhanced Footer Feature

Since after I used SteemPess to repost my blog from my website to account back to Feb 2018, there has been an improvement to the plug-in.

Those days, there is a footer by default to show the original post URL and it is quite an ugly site ( to be honest ). Here it is how it looked
Original post :

One of the reasons for the numbers and % used is due to the translation from the Chinese characters on the original blog url. But then, isn’t it look really ugly and nonprofessional?

Due to this, I was hesitated to use the plug-in until this month in July. There were an improvement and update to the footer design. And you can customize it to your needs too. All the setting of the footer is in the “setting” tab of the plug-in.

In today’s blog, I am testing a customize footer and I hope it works as expected. The expected footer will look like below:-

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : Original Post Link