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FT Chinese Beijing Techno Hunt on 26, 7 & 28 Oct 2012

Techno Hunt Briefing 技术寻宝的简报



Mission A: 使命  A

To promote Beijing on one of the topics below :-

在以下的一个主题 来 促进北京 🙂

2)    Mission B: 使命  B

2.1)To find the maximum number of the items based on the list given to you

从给你名单上, 找名单上例下的条目(物品)

2.2)  To show evidence the item you have found with picture or video


3) Report  报告

3.1)  Report to the centre your completed tasks at 11.00am

在上午11.00, 向中心报告你完成的任务)

4)   At between 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm, take a photo of your group with not less than half your total members

在1.00点到1.30点之间,  拍你的团队照片,然后把照片发送到中心
( 成员不少于团队一半的成员)。

5)  continue your mission A & B. Report to the centre when your team has stopped the hunt.

继续你的任务, 如果完毕就向中心报告